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Home Care Services


TLB 24/7 uses a Person Centred (PCA) and a Holistic approaches to provide home care services. These services are designed factoring in the service users situation and environmental factors to enable them continue to live the way they want while improving the quality of their life.

At TLB 24/7, we look at your needs and what you would like to achieve from our support, and then jointly work with you to deliver the care that is tailored-to your needs and circumstances.

It maybe that you need more support and the assurance that you have someone with you on a 24/7 service will keep you at peace through our Live-In Care Packages.


Ian is a dual trained Registered Learning Disability Nurse (RNLD) & Qualified Social Worker (SW) with vast experience working for the NHS and the Private sector. He has tremendous work experience in the following areas:

  • Ian has worked on Intensive Care Services (ICS) for people with Learning Disabilities (LD) and for people with Mental Health Issues a number of years.
  • Ian has had experience working as a Domiciliary Care (DC) worker/carer/support worker prior to going to Sheffield Hallam University to study Nursing and Social Work.
  • Ian has experience working with the elderly with a wide variety of physically debilitating conditions as well as mental conditions. Ian believes in continuous learning in order to provide the best care using the best available evidence.

These experiences have prepared Ian to be able to provide assessment and support service users from different angles enabling care to be coordinated in the shortest possible period. In addition, his vast experience gives relatives the comfort of knowing that their loved ones receive care and support using the best available resources in meeting their needs


Judy holds BMedSci (Honours in Health & Human Sciences) from Sheffield University (School of Health and Related Research). She has worked for the NHS and private sector for several years. Her experience entail:

  • Working with people with Learning Disabilities (LD) in residential homes and in the community.
  • Judy has wide ‘hands on experience ‘delivering placement at a Learning Disability day centre with access to advocacy services, social care and social inclusion projects which brings value to the work she is undertaking within TLB 24/7.
  • She has also worked for the NHS on a flexible contract which enabled her to work flexible with adults and the elderly with a wide range of mental health illnesses.

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